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This class is designed to accommodate beginner from the fundamental of speed hunting and mixing for strong basic skills, to take your talent easily to the next level.


Product Description

  • Introduction to DJ Equipment (CDJ Set)

Introducing every function of the DJ Equipment, and how to install the DJ Equipment.

  • Beat Rocking

Learn beat/clap beats, and learn to catch the beats using vinyl mode.

  • Beatmatching

Basic learning adjusts the tempo of the track being played and the next track so that the beats are synchronized

  • Speed Hunting

Mixing method to equalize the tempo using the pitch control.

  • Basic Mixing

Learn parts of the song to be able to start mixing at the right time

  • Mixing

The main material is by connecting tracks continuously based on the basic techniques in the previous material

  • Sound Control

The technique of equating sound when mixing to the next track

  • Techniques Volume

Improvements to mixing that enable the equalizer to smooth the mixing process

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