Onsite EMP Course

This class is designed to accommodate beginner from the fundamental of speed hunting and mixing for strong basic skills, to take your talent easily to the next level.

Ableton Live Course (Produce)

Introduction to Ableton Live

An introduction on Ableton Live and it’s software and functions

Arrangement View

Learn how to use Ableton in Arrangement View


Learn how to warp sounds and beats to follow the right BPM

VST Instruments

Learn how to use VST instruments for producing music in Ableton

Session View

Learn how to use Ableton in Session View

Live act with Ableton

Learn how to perform live with Ableton

Creating Beats

Learn how to create beats with Ableton


Learn about how to use effects for sounds and music in Ableton

Teached by Great Instructors

An experienced DJ lecture who has produced many talented DJ and champions. Both nationally and internationally.

He has made many big names in the world of electronic dance music.

In fact, a great number of famous and well known figure have once been a student his throughout his career.