Electronic Music Production Class

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Deefo started his dj career days from April 2005. His set is best described as purely house music with the touch of Deep and somehow he always manage to put in that Tech feels in his set. Deefo’s set are mainly influenced by many great Deep house, Tech House, Nu Disco Djs especially Shur i Kan, Downtown Party Network, Joyce Muniz. Deefo finds that these 3 magnificent dj’s bought a fresh air wave to the Deep house, Tech House and Nu Disco scene with their unusual sound of dance music.

EMP Course instructor



4 Weeks Program for Electronic Music Production

Learn how to produce electronic music with the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) of choice, Ableton Live.

Introduction to Ableton Live

An introduction on Ableton Live and it’s software and functions

Session View

Learn how to use Ableton in Session View              

Arrangement View

Learn how to use Ableton in Arrangement View                         

Live act with Ableton

Learn how to perform live with Ableton                    


Learn how to warp sounds and beats to follow the right BPM

Creating Beats

Learn how to create beats with Ableton                   

VST Instruments

Learn how to use VST instruments for producing music in Ableton


Learn about how to use effects for sounds and music in Ableton


8 Session in 1 Month, (2x) 2 Hours / Week


8 Session in 2 Weeks, (4x) 2 Hours / Week