Club Mix Class Turntable

8 Weeks Program for beginner.This curriculum is designed to accomodate beginner from the fundamental of speed hunting and mixing for a strong basic, to take your talent easily to the next level.

What is club mix class Turntable?

Club mix class Turntable is designed to accommodate beginner of using the Turntable deck from the fundamental of speed hunting and mixing for a good basic, to take your talent to the next level.

Course activities

There are some activities that you’ll do during the course session. From introduction to the equipment, basic mixinng technniques, and many more.


Introduction to DJ Equipment, The functions, and installations.


Learn to adjust the tempo of the track, beat claps, and tempo equalizing.


Learn the basic mixing and timing, connecting the tracks continously.

speed hunting

Mixing method to equalize the tempo using the pitch control.

sound control

The technique of equating sound when mixing to the next track.

volume technique

Improvements to mixing that enable the equalizer to smooth the mixing process.

Class Duration & Schedules

Reguler Class

2 Months Duration, 16 Class Sessions

2 times per week, 2 Hours per session

Rp 7.500.000

Intensive Class

1 Month Duration, 16 Class Sessions

4 times per week , 2 Hours per session

Rp 8.500.000